How Much Food is 50g of Carb?

Food type Weight Measure
Weetabix75g3 - 4 bix
Branflakes75gone large bowl
Cornflakes50g1 large bowl
Cereal bars80g2 - 3 bars
White/wholemeal bread100g3 - 4 slices
Tea cakes100g1 - 2 cakes
Malt loaf100g2 - 3 slices
Fruit scones100g2
Bread rolls100g2 soft/crusty
Pitta bread100g1 large
Naan bread100g2 mini
Pasta (cooked)225g8 tbsp
Rice (cooked)175g4 tbsp
Noodles (uncooked)75g1 layer
Boiled potatoes300g5 egg sized
Mashed potatoes325g5 scoops
Jacket potato175g1 medium
Baked beans325g7 tbsp
Kidney beans300g10 tbsp
Chickpeas275g10 tbsp
Bananas225g2 large
Raisins75g3 tbsp
Peaches in juice500g1 large tin
Jaffa cakes75g6
Plain digestives75g5
Adapted from Crawley (1988) and McCance and Widdowson (1991).
The following chart provides information about the carbohydrate content of chart to plan a daily menu or specific pre-event meals and post-exercise recovery meals to meet your carbohydrate targets.

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