Insulin Correction Ratios

O.K. you're doing well, and you've pretty much got it sussed, and then you feel a bit high and you find your glucose is 15. Right, some extra insulin is needed, but how much and what type?
Well this is where the insulin-correction ratio comes in. To work your ratio out divide 100 by your total daily insulin dose, e.g, if you are on 60 units/day this would be 1.7. this ration means that 1 unit will lower glucose by about 1.7 mmol. If you therefore if you find that your glucose is 15, and you want to bring it down to 6, you will need about 5 units (exactly 9/1.7=5.3 units!) of your Novorapid/Humalog. This doesn't really work with soluble insulin (Actrapid/Humulin I).
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The diabetes specialist nurses tell me this works!

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