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The content of the site is by people with diabetes, who want to promote diabetes self care, and share knowledge on how to manage diabetes with different sports and exercises. The medical content is edited by Dr Ian Gallen, who is a U.K. Physician and Endocrinologist, with a special interest in helping sportspeople with type 1 diabetes

Our ProjectThis is an on-going and developing project. We are interested in any sports and rely on people coming forward with their experiences.
Enjoy our site and let us know what you think.
The project receives no external funding.
We cannot give one-to-one consultation, and the advice given is general. Changes you may want to make with your self-management, will need to adjusted to your personal circumstances and discussed with your health care professional.
Contact UsFor feedback on content, either post in the guestbook or email feedback@runsweet.com.
For feedback about or troubles with the website, please email webmaster@runsweet.com.
For issues in the forum, contact moderator@runsweet.com.

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