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Do you have type 1 diabetes and find it difficult to control your glucose before, during and after exercise? 

Then the EXTOD education study might be of interest to you. This study aims to test out a new education program  that has been designed to provide people with the skills to manage their glucose around exercise and also to improve their performance. 

We are working to improve patient centered education for people with diabetes and their healthcare professionals. We have rolled out a world wide education program JDRF PEAK for healthcare professionals, and now are doing a study to see how best to train people with diabetes.This project EXTOD, it lead by Rob Andrews and Parth Narendran. We are now recruiting for the Pilot of EXTOD (Exercise in T1DM) education and need to recruit 100 people. We would be grateful if you could post something on your website to highlight the study and that we are recruiting. 

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