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Thank you all for the great feedback about the site. We now boast the widest sports content for people with diabetes on the web. we are now getting more than 30000 visits per month and are top in searches on Google. You continue to test the limits of what is possible, and have submitted great new content. Keep visiting. If you want to post any content, mail it to us. Our forum is also very popular. We now also have a Facebook page. 

We are holding our sports and diabetes weekend again in Loughborogh University from Friday 8th -10th May. it will be great. 

Dr Gallen recently delivered the Jephcott Medal Symposium with Sir Steven Redgrave, on the topic: "Olympic Diabetes: What have we learned over the last decade?". Slides from his talk can be downloaded in PowerPoint and PDF formats. We also have some images of the award in our Gallery section.

Dr Gallen has also published a book aimed at medical professionals. More details can be found on our new Publications page.

Once again we can celebrate the amazing achievements of an athlete with diabetes. Frederick Gill who has type 1 diabetes treated on CSII pump therapy who stroked his crew to their victory at Henley Regatta 2012.

Sir Steven Redgrave tells us- "When I was first diagnosed in 1997 my immediate reaction was that I would have to stop training ā€“ Iā€™m glad to be able to say I was wrong ā€“ it is possible to train at a high level as a diabetic and succeed" Find out how he managed his diabetes to win his historic 5th Gold

We have lots of new content from some amazing athletes. Jen Alexander from Canada writes about marathon swimming, Chris Pennell on rugby, and Sebastien Sasseville on climbing

Major new focus on pump treatment and how to use your pump with exercise. New focus on guidelines for safe exercise

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Do you have problems with your diabetes and sport? If so ask your G.P. or consultant to refer you to our specialized diabetes and sport clinic at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading.

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